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Kasi, I tend not to agree with you wholeheartedly re the Ivory Series. Did
you seen the broken Kissing Fish and what that sold for? I never expected
it to sell for the price it did in that condition.

Also, prices are climbing again. Many Collectors were away over the summer
holidays and had other expenses. It happens every year! Watch for
the lead up to Christmas. And yes, many of the new Collectors are looking
for the solids with ''bling'' but later they will appreciate the older solids. It
takes time and it is also a learning process. There are new collectors over
here in the U.K. and one or two of them are in touch due to having bought
something from me. They remind me of myself when I started out, so
I don't think one should give up! (Well that's a loaded comment)!! I personally have some wonderful old
solids in my collection. The Snow Lion etc. I do have others and it took me
a long time to find my Dragon and Jester to name a few…..

So by writing on the site, it will give the new collectors ideas and once
they realise there are much sought after solids without any bling, I am sure
they will continue, as we are,to collect them when they have the opportunity
to find them and afford them at the time…..

And Ar you may find yourself eating your words in the future. I thought the same
thing when I first saw the Panda ! It was so exciting watching the auction and we were all so happy and elated when a member from here won! Now, I would love to have him here in my

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