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it's really sad to see the ivory series of solids, bringing so little on ebay these days….But I guess as the older collectors pass on then their treasurers get sold by people who do not value them , the way we old timers did.

You got a great buy on a very old solid, that will only gain in value, if more collectors come into the market looking for the older solids. But I find so many of the newer collectors value only the solids with BLING, and don't appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the older solids.

I paid over $300 for mine several years ago and were delighted to get them at such a low price. But as life styles change and tastes change, prices change….oh for the old days….

and sigh, I knew I would get outbid on the panda…..boohoo…If I had the money now I did a few years ago, I would still be in the bidding….oh well, sigh..I hope he goes to a great home but unfortunately it won't be mine….bye BOB