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I agree current prices are down on the newer solids as they hit the warehouse and the outllet stores, but most of the older solids are still holding firm or are just a slightly bit lower. But in another two weeks the price will start to go up again, as it approaches the Christmas season, and many hubbys, friends and etc start to look for that solid that they know is missing from their significan't others collection. So Christmas shopping begins shortly.

By December, most of the solids will be where they should be, at retail and above, ( except for the newer ones that will stay low until they age a few years and new collectors come into the field looking for the ones that are new now but then will be old to them.

A lot of the smarter collectors will start to buy the other lines, like tresor, max factor, corday, St Johns as some of them are truley beautiful and rival estee in their detail and workmanship( which is why we collect these beautiful little treasures anyhow). Yes the newer bling is pretty with all it's gaudy rhinestones, but look at the detail in the gold collectors compact( the lady with the flowing hair) To me that one is absolutely fantastic….and the intricate cut work, of country flowers, jade carver, and good wishes….they will never do those again, as it is too labor intensive….

And the thing that has amazed me over my last 6 years of collecting is that more people seem to turn their noses up at the cameos that estee does….but throughout the ages, cameos in jewelry have been highly sought after and prized by most females to wear in various forms….rings, necklaces and brooches….and estee does some beautiful ones, and I think they are outstanding, but it seems no one shares my belief….how sad.

just my 2 cents from an old collector.