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Agree wholeheartedly with Woody and Margaret!

With regard to falling prices, I think this only applies to the mass produced
items. Once they start ''running'' out of the Warehouse, their value
diminishes. This is a normal feature with any item, be it solids or other

Watch the older solids! And the scarcer they are, the more desirable
they become. Not, I might add, only due to the scarcity of the item, but also
due to the way it was made i.e. the design and quality. One thing one
cannot deny is the workmanship of Estee Lauder when it comes down to producing many of their solid perfumes.. The detail and beauty of some of their solids is amazing and it is only due to the fact that as a Collector I have come to appreciate so many aspects of these solids over the years. I do have some
lovely Corday items, but Estee Lauder has cornered the market as far as collecting is concerned (unless someone else can point me in another direction).

Soon prices will begin to climb again. Summer is always the best time to
hunt for that special bargain, but that time is nearly over for this year.

So, make haste while the sun shines! And remember, every dog has its day!

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