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Tough to decide.

Male actors:

Robert De Niro – I like his tough guy attitude.
Hugh Grant – I get a big kick whenever he plays the bad guy because it's so funny.
Dustin Hoffman – He's in one of my favorite movies “The Graduate”. Plus, I like his other movies (not sure about the recent ones).

Female actors:

Nicole Kidman – She plays good roles.
Rene Zellweger – Liked her in “Bridget Jones' Diary”. Yay! She's from Texas.

Entertainers: I'm not sure if this counts, but I like various hosts from reality and talk shows.

Oprah – Watched her for a long time. She is a caring person who is full of life. I admire that she grew up poor to later become successful. She's done alot to better herself and the lives of other people.

Jeff Probst (host of Survivor) – He's so adorable.