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Hi Lisa and thanks for the welcome.

I do know some members here because I've purchased solids from them. I'm
very nervous when I buy on Ebay 'cause I've been burned a little there. Not often, maybe I've been lucky, but a couple of times not so lucky. I'm happy to report the REALLY good buys I've made there came from some of the members here. Honesty is Honesty no matter where it sells. THANKS GUYS!

As for the price of the solids going up – WHAT ELSE IS NEW? I'm sure the EL people know the hardcores will BUY and I've already seen the sign for sale at an on-line antique mall for $350….ya know it'll sell. Soon, it'll be on Ebay…there's no end to it. I guess EL Corp. figures since people buy the product for mark up and re-sale they should get a BIG chunk first! It doesn't smell like perfume to me but it does smell GREEN!

Peaceful Dreams Everyone!