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Thanks Alice.

I think you will find, not sure, that shipping from UK and Europe is cheaper than the States. You could check that out. If you are still looking for older solids, I am changing some of mine. Most of them come in boxes and are authentic. Re the perfume, the colour brown is normal but if the solid looks really new and only has a tiny bit of the perfume in, I would check it out thoroughly.

Please write if you have any doubts. Members are ill advised to display their email addresses on the site but you can always contact anyone you wish by clicking into their names on the left hand side where it shows their number of posts etc. The emails will reach them if they have given one for this purpose.

Sandra is in Australia. There are other collectors in your part of the world i.e. Karen, Sandra etc. Look through the members names and country of origin. I am in London, U.K.