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Hello Alice,

Welcome! Such a complicated topic!!! I am not going to open up yet another hornet's nest so suggest, as Lisa has posted, read up as much as you can re the Warehouse Sales. Check out the sellers of anything you are thinking of bidding on and feel free to contact if you have any doubts or any questions!

That is all I can say for the moment. I have collected many of the older solids and do have alot from the Ivory Series. I have not seen any of those coming out unfinished from the factory so they would be a safe bet. Remember to check out the ears of the Cats etc. Some sellers have filed down the ears which tend to chip or break. Always check what you are bidding on against one of the legitimate pictures on the solid perfume site. Failing that, ask.

I have not checked which part of the world you are from. If from the Far East then there are certain solids which will definitely appeal to you, including the Ivory Series.

Good Luck…