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I hear ya, Greyhound – but really – don't despair . . . . I avoid those zero feedback sellers too because I was one of those caught up in the Scam this time last year and was set to lose $200.00 because I one the auction.

So – don't worry about the bargain basement prices!! They may not be as kosha as you think. Better to be safe than sorry, and blessed rather than ripped off!!

I am with you on the idea of cheaper price starts encouraging bids – I think it works. Denise does have quality solids that get good bids but it's not every time. She is smart and holds on to them until they regain their value in the market. It's frustrating to all buyers and sellers when they see cheap solids turn up in abundance on Ebay.

I think we are all getting the smarts here, so pretty soon no-one much should be paying retail (except for the Harrods solids!)