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Ha – if only!! <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />

I have only managed to get ONE 'BIN' cheaply (the rollercoaster).

I'm always a bit cautious as to how they get there in the first place that cheaply, so I don't always take advantage of them because I'm suspicious . . . . <img src='style_emoticons//blink.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’blink.gif’ /> and think they'll soon show up in droves for cheaper . . .

However, I don't have the time to change my sleeping patterns for any solids . . . . I have most I want now – I'm not greedy, so I can wait until they become DIRT cheap !! <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />

I guess it doesn't help that I am about 11 hours in front of the time on this site anyway . . . .