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Roland – I went to the link you have. You are truly a remarkable brother to share some of your memories and last words with Michaela.

You have a profound outlook on this even in your grief – I think you are right to believe Michaela is now 'free from the things that were troubling her'. Yes, she had planned it for some time. It's sad and it's difficult, but you were unable to stop her – she had made her decision and was calm with it.

I don't think she wanted to 'trick you'. It was a chance meeting that took her by surprise. She wanted her little brother not to worry, and to know that she would be OK. She knew if she said goodbye in person you would probably go to pieces and she didn't want to see you or anyone she loved in pain for her.

I hope the funeral goes well. She will be surrounded by much love and thought of from people all around the world.

I am sorry for your loss and wish the best for you and your family in your grief for her.