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Tonight I was out with an old friend. I've known her for over twenty years and we go out most Thursdays, have a meal, talk over life, family, work, problems and generally put the world to right. Tonight as we parted I told her how much her friendship meant to me. (She reads this site so know she will also see this). Why do we feel embarassed to tell people how much they mean to us? At a christening a few years ago, the minister asked us to turn to the person sitting on either side and in front and behind us to shake hands and say hello. I think we should all reach out to someone, even one person, and let them know how they enrich our lives. Maybe they will think us mad but they will still be happy that they have the knowledge that someone appreciates them. Perhaps Michaela had someone she could have turned to but didn't, we will never know, but perhaps I speak out of turn. Americans are more outgoing than us Europeans but it doesn't do any harm to say it. I too will light a candle for Michaela but please, go phone a friend you've been meaning to call for ages or make time to go for lunch, drop in on someone or even just eye contact and a smile. I know there are people I keep meaning to call and then it gets too late and you think 'tomorrow'. Before you know it weeks, months and even years have gone by. We all lead such busy lives but then, something like this makes us stop and think.
I've said enough. I am still trying to come to terms with this but it will take a while. I feel for Michael. It is such a tragedy.