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Dear Roland and Michael, your thoughts of Michaela were very touching and you will now need to help each other to get through the next few days, weeks and months. You both obviously loved her and love is strength. Michael, look at the top of the page. Michaela's Dragon will help you. I smiled when KK and Mimi mentioned the Hi all together. That smile makes me think of a rainbow after rain. Roland took hope from the sunshine and you should take hope from the dragon. You have been given good advice here from others, come to this site and talk about Michaela.
When my Father died (14 years ago) I was totally devastated. When my brother came down and stayed with me before the funeral we talked about Dad and things he had done and said. We laughed so much that I was worried my neighbours would think I was heartless. What we did was to celebrate the good times. That is what to remember. When death comes suddenly it really hurts the ones who are left behind. It took me a long time to come to terms with his death but I did in time.
Look at Rolands photographs and think of her and of happy times. You had six years and I am sure that you had many happy times and could tell funny stories about her. Think of her, talk to friends and family about her and know that that is how the healing process works.
Remember that our thoughts are with you.