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It's terrible, I can't stop admiring her! I never thought I would find a panda. When I first started collecting solids, I went thru the database. I had actually bought the Imperial Dog when it was released back in the 70's. If a panda had been available at John Wanamakers, I would have bought one as I've always been a bear lover. Solid buying was sporadic over the years, usually a GD solid. Then, I believe in 2000 a Neiman Marcus opened at the King of Prussia Mall and I saw the circus collection. I didn't buy any but a spark was lit. I found this website about 4 yrs ago and I was hooked and there was no turning back this time. Of course I was going thru the database and saw the panda. Mentioned it in a post and found out how rare. That is the story of my life. Whatever I fall in love with is either rare or expensive. Anyway, was in luck with $$$ as I have just taken early retirement from my job at Fedex. I had a total knee replacement in Oct, and my Dr said there was no going back to work there, too much stress on knee. Anyway, I had accrued vacation time and with payout bought panda. It was just a nice coincidence of funds and panda lining up at the right time. Now my Holy Grail of solids is a St John Sunflower. They are just exquisite, and the sunflower is only one I am missing. Most of my collection is EL, but I collect whatever I fancy. I like the older Cordays and whatever oddities I find. If anyone on the site has a St John Sunflower, please contact me!