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All rested up!!

The convention was a great time. Roselyn did a wonderful job and I was happy to meet Roselyn and her husband Alvin.

Also quite happy to meet Ann & Ken, Lorraine & Bill, Angela, Carolyn, Sandy, Brenda & Bob Conte. and everyone else I met. Sorry if I forget to name someone, it was kinda of confusing meeting people by “real names” instead of ebay user ID’s or site nicknames.

At the sale I ended up getting the cameo from 1996. I was also delighted to get the Magical Unicorn, thanks to Estee Lauder, to add to my collection.

Seeing the new solids in person was great! They were all wonderful to see in person. The Strongwater’s are more beautiful than I imagined!! I also got to see the production piece for the Las Vegas showgirl due out next year, she is to die for!!

Thanks again to everyone and see you next year!!! [Wink]
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