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I also love the thrill of the hunt, but with me it is not the bling but finding one of the older solids …..they are so much harder to find. As you noticed when I had to sell my collection I sold the bling first….and am very reluctanly selling the older ones next. These to me are the true collecting, the older the better. I even love finding some of the older Hazel Bishops, & Dana's as I remember as a little girl having solid perfumes( in a tube then) But even at the age of 12 when I got my first one( way before Estee Lauder even started doing them) I cherished it. I love the rings that Helene Rubenstein did, and was always making up stories about being the fairy princess and having my ring with the solid perfume in it to ward off the evil spirits that the bad fairy did with her poison ring….LOL., friends thought I was nuts too.
I love going to estate sales and finding the older solids( only had it happen about 5 times…sigh)….Even though I have sold and am still selling a lot of my collection, I will rebuy the older ones again.
The bling is pretty and sparkly, but I love to imagine the stories that go with the older solids and what they would tell me if they could just talk, as I was not the original owner. The intrigue of making up imaginary stories of what each solid has seen in its OLD lifetime is the stuff day dreams are made of.