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Ann and Ken
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Every year Estee Lauder is presented with designs of perfume cases for their solid perfume.
– The exclusives for Neiman and Estee in Las Vegas – Victoria+Co (Robert Conte V.P.)
– The exclusives for Sak’s- This year Jay Strongwater.
– Full distribution- In house.

An ink drawing is first selected and then from that drawing examples are made for viewing. There can be many variations of one perfume compact case (15 different colored fish with pearl) before the final selection is made.

After the perfume compact case is chosen it is then photographed for the catalogues and sales reps.
If a solid case runs into production problems it is not made and the list collectors (who get early information) have, will not match what is then sold in retail stores. As an example: Enough black crystals were not available in time for production of the black cowboy hat, and the red cowboy hat was substituted. The bee was to large and Evelyn Lauder did not like it.( nick named by the designer as “The Bee That ate N.Y.”) If you have last years Neiman Marcus catalog you can see the white elephant became a black bear in the Circus Tent. The pink cowboy boot was not selected for various reasons.

After the cases are made they are then sent to Canada to be filled with perfume, labeled, and boxed; then sent to retail stores. [Smile] [Smile] NOW THEY ARE ESTEE LAUDER SOLID PERFUME COMPACTS!! [Smile] [Smile]

These prototype examples (samples) were never intended to be sold and are considered as “taken” without permission from the design studios. The only exception that we know of is the ivory frog that was given to a long time employee. She used it as a paper weight till her retirement; and, then sold it for a quarter at a flea market..

You can call these “samples” but the higher ups call them stolen property. [Frown]

The views expressed are based on conversations with top level people at Estee Lauder and various design studios.

And, of course, with advanced and knowledgeable collectors, who usually know more than the EL higher ups. [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

These ‘prototypes’ should not be confused with FAKES. That is another story.

For more information on making of Estee Lauder Solids, see page 25 of Roelyn’s book. See pages 27-32 for samples of prototype drawings and sketches of EL solids.

Ken & Ann