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Hi all together !
Yesterday I mailed to xxipoxx (Marius) and I asked him about the Artist Palet. He told me he got it from an estate sale and that he knows nothing about this solid perfume.
Does anyone here knows something about it.
A friend ( Marlies ) told me last year she has the information the artist palet was made for 2001
for the australian collection – she told me that there is a snowball too. But I dont saw them before. Could it be that it is for the spring collection 2003 as a nice addition to the weekend artist.
I know about another prototype – it is an enameled duck.
Where can we get more informations about prototypes wich are not in produktion. It could be a nice addition to Roselyn Gersons Book. I think that there are photos made from this nice solids and maybe Bob Conte or the other Designers
can send them to Roselyn and she could publish them for us. We dont want to die stupid !!! ;o)