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Dear Ann and Ken
Thanks so much for your reply.
I never thought to look at the Database for the years of the solids.
I have been sent an application form for the convention and am trying my best to persuade the other half to take me.
If he will not be moved I would be grateful if you would pick up my 2 wish list items should I not manage to get them by then.
I shall e mail you nearer the time.
Also I have been looking for your website and cannot find the address in any of the posts as I would love to see more pictures.
You guys are great! Of course I will get items for you from Harrods, if you ever need me to.
Thanks for all you advice and pictures!
Best wishes
Maggie [Big Grin] [Cool] [Big Grin] [Cool] Only just got Roselyn’s book!

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