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Hi everyone,

I just called my Saks Rep. (which is a 5 minute drive from my house) and asked if the Strongwaters were in yet. They were not, and I told my Saks Rep. the problems that I have read on the Site. She is putting a call into EL in Manhattan on Monday to investigate.

She also explained to me that Jay Strongwater must okay his Compacts and once he okay's them, then they are sent to get filled with the Solid Perfume and get packaged. I asked her if it was possible that during the filling process, if the compacts could get damaged, and she said “of course”. She is going to relay everything we talked about to EL in Manhattan and if need be, they will pull these Compacts so they can not be shipped or sold.

So if anyone gets a “damaged” Strongwater, just return it and relax. All will be taken care of.

Brigitte, when the Strongwaters arrive by me, I always check them out in person before I buy them. So if you want to buy from my Saks, just let me know.