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I don't have to pay taxes or VAT on the solids when I buy it, but the store that sends them to me has to fill in a cutomers declaration and they normally are obliged by their management to declare the full price. When the packages get here to Switzerland the customs check the declaration and have you pay a 7,6% tax on the declared value. A value of about $45.00 is free if the package was sent by a private person and you declare it as a gift. Strange enough they also add the price of the shipping fees to the declared value of the item….only heaven knows why. When a package is sent by a private person of course one could or can cheat a little bit with the declaration, but fact is that we collectors normally also want the original price tag still to be attched and then they would see how much one paid for it. Yes, one can try to say that the items have their price tag but were bought with a big discount and if one wasn't too greedy and only declared about 10% of the real value that would be o.k. But I must admit I had problems with the customs a couple of times and believe me this isn't funny at all. The best way according to my opinion is to declare about 30% less if possible when you have them sent by a shop (if they would do it).