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You don't use EL cosmetics? Then what the heck do you use, because you looked pretty d*&* good in LV! God, I use so much cream at night I slide off the bed regularly…it's horrible! Throw in silk sheets and I'd be in traction!

And no…I don't buy them for resale. Yes, sometimes I buy duplicates. But then I know a collector who buys 3 of everyone….one to display; one to keep safely in a box; and one just in case it jumps in value over the years. (Her house smells kind of funky.) So buying two of the one's you love (the Cat; the Lily) is not unusual. And if I feel like it somewhere down the road, I'll sell one…maybe. But this time, I'm just grateful I managed to get one piece that's perfect…the Cat in the Chair…and have been mentally putting together an arrangement of all my kitties…This one is SO special…Martha…hope you get an excellent one as it's just priceless!

Thanks, Karin…it would be best, as Ann suggested, to wait a little while before ordering any Strongwater's. They have a lot of “bugs” to be worked out, if they even plan on trying to do that. I do hope someone from Strongwater sits down this weekend and goes over this topic. And I'm afraid I'm also a tiny bit bitchy as a consumer. I know…that's hard for you all to believe. <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />

Ann…are you and Ken singlehandedly going to actually clean up a warehouse. Could you please explain that a little better (sleepy brain here). And why, pray tell, is Ken doing all the yard work alone? There's still some light…out with you and yank some weeds. I wish I had some to pull…it would have made me feel better today.

Now that's enough…I'm shutting down…literally!

'nite all…