Solid Perfume Forums Re: The IPBA convention in Texas

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I just came back from the convention. I had a great time but then again I always have a great time. Attendance was down but they were still over 325 people. The solid were the best seller. What I found of interest were the Saks & Nordstrom solids are the ones that really appreciate in value while the majority of the Neiman’s ones they still have in stock. Both Neiman’s & Nordstrom were set up at the show. I thought the shoe from Norstrom were sold out but they had them available at the show. My last check was they had one left. Newiman’s had all the solids from last year with the exception of the fairy. I do not know if they sold out or not. I do know they were doing brisk sales. They also had all the upcoming new releases there but were taking pre-orders. I like the lion but not for 450.00. The prices are going up but the quality seems to be going down. That is just my opinion. They had pictures of the Saks exclusive’s. Prince Charming turns out to be a frog.
I have heard the outlet stores have Ferris & Cirus tent for about 375.00 & Cinderlla’s Coach was selling for 275.00 or 300.00. If you are lucky enough to live near the outlet stores I would check there if you are missing any you would like to add to your collection. Sometimes they only will sell you one or two & at other times they will sell you as many as you would like to by.
All in all it was a very nice convention & I must admit us Lone “Stars” showed everyone a good time.