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'Lori wrote on '27:

I recently lost Mom who had come to live with us. I had started collecting when dad was in hospice in 1999 and started again in 2010 as mom was failing. I didn't realize it at the time but found it almost a sign. I recently was thrilled to get the Dragon and Chinese take out. I would love to replace my Weekend Artist and can find almost no Internet reference to it but here. Are there some that just disappeared into space? When I found the Parasol I was through the roof as that one was also very hard to find. I also found the ladies bicycle which I couldn't find a reference for in the USA I got it from a collector in Australia and I love it parked with my garden solids.

Hello to you all! 🙂

Hello, Lori,

My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your mom. It is so, so difficult, isn't it? Not something you ever “get over” but rather, in time, “get through”. I lost both my parents in 2009 and started collecting EL solids as a distraction and creative outlet. My mom always used EL products but I don't remember her ever having any solids. She did have a little sample bottle of Pleasures EDP with her makeup at the time of her death and I sprayed some on and it has become my favorite fragrance. So, now I feel another bond with my mom through EL! If there is anything I can do to help you find a solid you're looking for please let me know. There are 2 outlet malls in my area and both have the EL Company Store in them, too.

Warm Regards,