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Jennifer awoke with a start and looked at the alarm clock with dismay. It was 7.30 a.m. and she was late! The mug of now, cold chocolate, brought her back to reality. But was it reality? She hastily showered and dressed, deciding to grab a hot drink and croissant in the cafe across the road from Lacy's. She really could not be late for work, especially today. Tony would be crawling up the wall as he needed her to sort out his appointments as well as to arrange his cubicle for the avalanche of ladies due that morning.

Her mind turned fleetingly to the computer. She didn't want to think about that now. Her night's sleep had been disastrous. No night's sleep in fact. Just one long bad dream after the other!

'No time to dwell on that now! There was enough to think about than THINGS that twitched and leered in the night! She turned her mind to work. The shipment of solids would be arriving and she was excited to see what they were like. She also knew there would be a few for her as a promotional gift. Her collection was expanding and she was eagerly awaiting another couple to join them!

Before long she was on the bus joining the masses in their never ending rush to work!………