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Jennifer tossed and turned. As much as she tried she could not sleep and eventually decided that a mug of hot chocolate might soothe her frazzled nerves. The THING kept on dancing around in her head and she felt tempted to have another look in the hope of allaying her fears.

'Here I go' she told herself, turning on the computer. 'Let's see what's going on now!' She sighed, relieved to find some friendly emails plus a few jokes from her friend in Canada and other friends across the globe. She laughed out loud feeling a strange sense of relief.

'Heeeelllo Jennifer!' the little squiggly voice greeted her! 'I've been searching for you! How could you leeeeeeeeave me the way you did?' Jennifer sat bolt upright staring at the screen. 'Jennnnnnnnifer! Why won't yooooou talk to me?' the little head danced from side to side. 'Pleeeeeese!?' 'How can I talk to you! Why don't you just leave me alone?' Jennifer cried. THING stared back at her. 'I can't heeear you!' it twitched. 'Type to me pleeeeeeeeeeese!' Jennifer's fingers began to race across the board. 'That's bettttttter!' THING responded. 'All I want is to speeeeeak to yoooou! I've been searching all day long and night tooooooo. You really don't understand me at all doooooooo you????????' 'No I don't and I'm tired. Why don't you just disappear and leave me alone!' THING danced up and down and diagonally across the screen.. 'You reallllly have upset me now! You really have! Don't you know who I am?' 'NO! And I don't want to. Go away!' THING twitched agitatedly. 'Alright Jennifer, I will go now, but I'll be back! ….until toomorrrow!' Jennifer shuddered before falling back into a deep sleep!
She had a full SOLID day's work ahead………