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The Internet Cafe was bustling with people busy tapping out messages on individual computers. 'There's one free in the far corner' the Manager pointed, handing Tony a small piece of paper with a log=in number printed in bold black letters. They quickly made their way to the free computer and Jennifer, now sitting opposite the screen typed in the number whilst Hitchens-Smythe and Tony sat next to her intent on what she was doing.

'Here we go!' Jennifer exclaimed as LiZa & JaX's site finally appeared, 'Watch out for the GoogleBot and HotBot whllst I search through these postings!'
Tony and Hitchens=Smythe peered at the screen as Jennifer began reading each message. 'Aah!' she exclaimed excitedly, 'look at this!' They all strained their necks as she began to read out loud:

WARNING: It has been noticed over the last couple of days that
strange things have been appearing on another site called
QuicklySale! Perfumes without perfume, Solids without
colour in weird shapes and sizes, as well as small ornaments without
sparkles or enamel, are being sold as the Real Thing!
Please make sure before purchasing any of these items,
that they are the items you intend to purchase.. Not Invisible
items, as one of our Members has pointed out!

It is also being reported that this is due to the appearance
of a Virus named GOOGLEBOT and HOTBOT.



Jennifer heaved a sigh of relief, 'So, that is that!' she exclaimed out loud. 'These funny creatures are not to blame for what is happening at Laceys after all! She continued to scroll down. 'Look, here is another item explaining more about them!'

'GoogleBot and HotBot are friendly creatures and should be treated with respect! As such…………..'

'Time's up' Tony commented as the pictures on the screen began to jump and fade
'Let's be going then!' Hitchens-Smythe added. 'That's your GoogleBot and HotBot mystery solved, and now we have to get to the Bottom of the Invisible Solids!' 'Yes' Jennifer smiled……..but I need a break first!……'I'm hoping we can write a little paragraph about the GoogleBot and HotBot now! Wouldn't it be nice to have them as new Solids?' 'Mmmm' Hitchens-Smythe nodded her head thoughtfully, 'I must have a word with E.L (Edward Lacey) about that! ……

'P.S. she continued……' but we don't want to put the GoogleBot before the Cart!'