Martha C
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“Well, ma'am, it's kind of hard to explain,” said Tony, stalling for time. How was he going to explain what a Googlebot was when he didn't know himself?

Hitchens-Smythe glared at Tony across her desk. Raising her eyebrows, “I'm waiting for an answer, Tony. I'm a very busy woman and you are wasting my time.”

Tony could feel a panic attack coming on. “Ma'am, I think the Googlebot may be a kind of computer robot.”

Hitchens-Smythe's glare turned into a scowl. “Have you gone daft?” Hitchens-Smythe screamed! “That's got to be the most ridiculous excuse for incompetence I have ever heard!”

“Well, ma'am, the Googlebot really wasn't my idea, it was Jennifer's!” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Tony felt guilty for blaming Jennifer.