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Tony arrived duly at Miss Hitchens-Smythe's door. “You wanted to see me?” he asked. “Yes, Tony – sit down”, she offers him the chair across her desk.

[Funny how men are treated nicer than women!]

“Now tell me about these designs of yours on the solids and explain what is happening to the colours and stones”

“Well”, Tony starts, “how can I explain? I didn't realise the materials I proposed at the design stage were going to react over time and change colour! And that all the stones were going to come loose because of the glue technique!! And I didn't realise they'd end up all over Ebay and sell for a small fortune!! BUT, I think the Googlebot has something to do with it as it has been visiting my computer lately – I think it's stealing my ideas and changing the colour codes while I'm not watching”.

“The Googlebot?”, Miss Hitchens-Smythe exclaims – “what is the Googlebot?”