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'This is really taking it a bit far!' Tony grunted. 'Yes, I agree but if we just get on with it, it shouldn't take that long!' Jennifer added sympathetically.

'Wow! Look at this!' Jennifer exclaimed. 'Just take a look at this little solid!' She handed Tony a Beautiful Taj Mahal. 'Heh, this isn't a new one' Tony exclaimed. 'I saw that when I was in New York a while back!' 'Yes I expect you did!' Jennifer nodded. 'We receive them later here. Add to that the fact they are always more expensive then we certainly have a raw deal living on this side of the ocean!'

'How many more of these have we got to wade through tonight?' Tony asked hesitantly. 'I'm pretty tired now' he continued, ' and to be honest with you, I think your Hitchens-Smythe should take a long walk off a short pier! If this is how Lacy's operate, I would look for another job if I were in your position!' 'Yes, you're right' Jennifer replied dismissively, ' now pass me that other box behind you and then hopefully we are through.'

Tony carefully lifted the heavy brown box and placed it on the counter in front of them. 'This box felt heavier than the others' he commented shaking his arm. 'Nearly dropped it too!'

'Look at these Tony' Jennifer exclaimed excitedly. 'This has to be a backlog of solids as I know these are old!' 'It's the Roulette Wheel and a Lucky Hand, and look Tony, this is the Slot Machine!'

'Brilliant' Tony yawned. 'Come on Jennifer, I've really had enough. Can we go now?' 'Yes' she sighed, disappointed that her enthusiasm was not being shared. 'I'll have another look at them tomorrow. Meanwhile, it isn't so late Tony. We can have a Capuccino before calling it a day!' 'You mean Night don't you?' Tony laughed. 'We could still go to the Internet Cafe' Jennifer suggested. 'No thanks! Have an early start tomorrow and so do you!' ……..