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The WagaWam was already bustling with people as Jennifer and Tony were shown to their table. A steaming hot bowl of noodles with prawns and vegetables, was just what the doctor ordered after a full day's work and on a cold winter's night.

'That was really good!' Tony commented, smiling appreciatively. 'Yes it certainly was!' Jennifer agreed. 'Tony, there is something I don't quite understand?' Tony looked at her questioningly. 'What?' he asked. 'Well you do have your own laptop, so why are we going to the Internet Cafe?' 'I thought you had guessed the answer to that' he replied. Jennifer sat for a moment deep in thought. 'I'm sorry but I can't fathom that one out!' 'Well' Tony continued, 'do you remember our conversation about the GoogleBot and the HotBot?' 'Yes' Jennifer replied. 'Well these things are freaking me out and I reckon it would be better to use someone else's computer to see what is going on, than my own!' 'Good thinking!' Jennifer agreed, 'I never thought of that. Come on then, let's go and see………………..