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Tony grinned. 'You really know your solids!' he remarked. 'Thanks' Jennifer replied heartened by his interest. 'Thought you would be fooled by my CATS MIAOW and was surprised you knew exactly what I was about!' 'Well you certainly made an impression with that guy. He not only bought the STAGECOACH and THE MARLIN, but he's asking for a compact called 'WHERE IT'S AT'. 'Yes, and we both know where it's at right now!' Jennifer smiled, 'Seems like your next appointment has arrived!'

Tony admired his work, holding the mirror up to the face of his client for approval.
'I really love this new look' the young woman complimented him. 'Well Madam, your colouring is perfect for our new season's colours, and it is I who should be complimenting you!' The young woman blushed.

'My oh my!' Jennifer laughingly admonished later. 'You certainly have the gift of the gab (sweet words)!' 'Well, that's what marketing is all about.' Tony replied. ' Get your coat. We can grab a bite to eat, then I would like you to show me some things on the computer. There's an Internet Cafe nearby!' 'But what about my solid perfumes!' Jennifer frowned, ' You know how I want to look at them all!' 'Come on Jennifer! You can do that tomorrow morning! I am only here for a couple of days but you will be here much longer…….now get your coat!'