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Appreciate your comments! Unfortunately sometimes posts end up under headings that are not indicative of the content. However, as many of us are English speaking, it is quite simple to assess which is a story and which is not.

As far as our stories are concerned, some people enjoy them (private emails from members who would rather not post on the site) testify to this! So Astrid, when you open up information which appears to be a story, such as ours, just close it again! Our aim or enjoyment is to bring something to the site which adds a different dimension. The same way as the beautiful photographs of many of the Collectors. Life would be so very boring if we all kept to the straight and narrow road don't you think!?

As Sandra explained earlier, the GOOGLEBOT is fascinating and an integral part of this site. I also know the content of our writing will progress to include topical facts from the board. We do not plan what we write, but somehow it gets there in the end! We appreciate that this might be a complicated way for you to participate, English not being your mother tongue, and hope that the way you phrased your objection, was entirely due to this fact.

With regard to my previous post, we all have a right to choose! At the same time we should all respect one another as this is surely the way for our SOLID RELATIONSHIPS!

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