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Hello Astrid, Have just looked in and read your comments. Sorry to hear this has upset you. No point to 'get all het up' just because this story was inadvertently placed under the wrong heading. Mind you 'Bob and the Showgirl' appeared here but perhaps no-one noticed it! As you can see we all have a sense of humour too! Hence our stories woven around what we enjoy collecting and subjects pertinent to Lisa and Jack's site.

But we do have choices! Fortunately we do not have to read what we would prefer not to, and when mistakes occur sobeit! Meanwhile, as you know, the Googlebot is important to this board!

Take care and appreciate your wading through our story searching for solids! They will appear in due course, and as we all like to guess what will be coming out in the future, hopefully this will give us an opportunity to use our imagination a little more towards that end.

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