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As Jennifer arrived at work for a new day, Tony the “creative one” was already sitting at the counter with his laptop computer working on new designs and colours. He looked sideways as Jennifer approached and raised his eyebrows at her in a silent greeting.

“Tch!” Jennifer thought, “I wonder what today's got in store for me.” Putting on her cheeriest voice though, she said “Good morning, Tony! How was your night?”

Tony looked up from the screen and replied “Terrible, Jennifer!! I was trying to do work on my computer last night and I kept seeing Hotbot everywhere!! I don't know what it is and wonder if it's a worm in my computer!!”

Jennifer chuckled inside to herself. “So he's human after all”, she thought. Aloud she said “Well, while you've had a Hotbot last night, I've been having a Googlebot!!”

People around them turned their heads then quickly walked away . . .