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Hello Lisa!

Oh I wish I had known about this. I would have made arrangements to be there to meet ya'll! And to drool over the wonderful collection with green eyed envy! Let me know if you are swinging that way again and I will do my best to get there! Thank you so much for sharing the pics!

I have recently been in touch with Joyce, IPBA VP who was so gracious to send me an older copy of the IPBA Quarterly magazine and some other information. She made sure to send me a back issue which had SURPRISE…ANN & KEN's pictures and article! I enjoyed seeing more of their talented creativity in displaying Estee solids! I definitely can see how being in the IPBA helps to meet with other solid perfume lovers. I am excited that in 2012 the IPBA convention is here in Jacksonville! I hope to meet so many of you in the future!