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'P.E.Parry' wrote on '16:

Museum putty can usually be found at an Arts and Crafts store. If you can't find it there, Office Depot has an adhesive putty that works just as well. The putty is very flexible, removabe and reuseable. I always try to place it so it doesn't cover the label as it could remove some of the print.

It was my pleasure to see Lisa and Woody again and to be able to share my ivory collections with them and the members at the IPBA. It's always fun and a very friendly group.


Thanks, Phyllis, for the info. Since I live in Southern California and we've had a few quakes (minor but enough to rattle things) in the past several months I plan to head out to Office Depot and acquire some of that putty pronto! And that's great advice to make sure not to cover the label with it. Thanks, again!