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Ann and Ken
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Posted July 12, by a member.

Just spoke with Micky from Estee Lauder Manhasset and she gave me some wonderful information for our overseas friends.

Estee Lauder Corp. has given permission for orders to be taken and solids/compacts to be shipped directly from the United States to collectors overseas.

I would imagine you can place advance orders, but that's probably up to the individual stores. At least now it's a little easier to purchase the one's you love, even if they never get to your Country. This might also make a difference in the price you pay. Micky also stated you will not have to pay tax. Am not sure if that means your VAT or what…you would have to check with her on that one. 

A note of thanks to Micky for working so hard to have this happen! And perhaps Estee Lauder does read this board after all! 

I asked the question on the call — Can we in the states get shipping by air instead of the 2 weeks it takes for a package by ground to get south ?? Heat is a big problem here.

EL totally denied that they ever nor would they ever ship overseas or in the States by air from their stores in LV or NYC.

Got a package a couple of weeks ago by air???????????