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Thanks for telling us this story, and yes, I understand perfectly what you mean about selling your Grandmother.

You are absolutely correct that EL only cares about their company and will use people to get what they want. Once they have it, they have no use for you.

I do love the Compacts and bought some Strongwaters yesterday at Saks. What bothered me was that my Saks SA promised me a free Strongwater Frame with my purchase and when I asked her about it, she told me that she took 2 of the Frames home. I was upset and she told me that she would bring one of the Frames back to the Store for me. I will call her everyday until I get what I was promised. I couldn't believe that this Rep was taking home these Frames.

On another note, I did some research to find out which Cosmetic Companies were in the top 10. To my surprise, Avon was listed way up there.

I know this will sound crazy, but if everyone (including myself) would write to Avon and ask them to start making Solid Compacts (I never cared what type of perfume the solid was), I wonder if it is possible to give Avon the incentive to start making Compacts.

They used to make Solid Perfume Compacts, not as pretty as the EL ones, but it's just an idea. In any case, I am going to contact them and see what happens.

My attitude is what do I have to lose?