Solid Perfume Forums Re: “The Box” ??

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I guess you’ve hit the nail on the head with “how important is that box?” – to you! Down to personal preference I reckon [New Laugh]

I would say if the solid is available in a box you would want to make sure you are paying less for it without the box and presumably if it has perfume in it I would imagine you would pay a little more for it than the empty ones that are about. (no hard and fast rules of course [Roll Eyes] )

If you’re not going to display the box or the solid in the box and are not too bothered about having the box packed away somewhere then the cheaper option could well mean more solids in your collection! [Big Grin]
I guess also bearing in mind that if you ever come to sell it the boot is on the other foot but there are lots of solids without boxes and they seem to sell.
If you buy it without the box you can always buy one with the box at a later stage (or vice versa) and sell one if you so desire. [Wink]
Personally I am a box fan even though they are just stacked in my cupboard at the moment I just feel better knowing I have them with as much of the original packaging I can get – but that’s just me! [Silly]

Good luck ! [Big Grin]