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My most favorite solid: Hard to say since I collect them each for a reason: The lighthouse. Romantic trip with my hubby to Monterey and then to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.
The Boat ride: Somewhere in Time which is the music we shared at the wedding
Red Rose: Dan loves red roses and I think of him when I see it
The shimmering Oasis since that one reminds me of our honeymoon in Maui.
The Pea Pod: My 3 daughters and a favorite story about some little peas who go out into the world
All the Frog Solids: I am an avid Frog Collector
The Acorn: Dan is from Ohio and he gave it to me for my birthday that year
The Slot Machine: My vice LOL and we renewed our vows in Vegas with Elvis
The Mermaid and sea solids: My fantasy self or as Sylvia Brown would say, my life on the Other Side
Red Heart: They have followed me my whole life and especially after my father died. A connection to something greater than me
…so many more but those are the top ones

Least favorite: Disappointed in the Roller Coaster and all the new Strongwaters YUK

I am from: Denver Native – spent my summers on a farm in Iowa and Nebraska and I love the values and humanity that gave me.

Number of solids in my collection: 113 give or take and many other on estee solids even one from Fuller Brush LOL. I think I have almost all of the crystal ones that I felt connected to, I don't do the “people” ones or “Vehicles” and “buildings” Still hold out for the Crystal Panda someday since my youngest is nicknamed Panda.
Collector for (years): 8 years