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You have hit the jack pot with this topic! I haven't seen this many posts to a topic in a long time. It is really interesting to hear what everyones favorites and dislikes are. My answers were based on the EL solids that were already in my collection. Yes, I actually have a solid I don't care for! You know how it is sometimes you purchase something and than after you look at it awhile you decide you don't care for it.

But if I was to answer those same questions based on EL solids I don't own my answers would be different.

My most favorite solid: I would love to own Cinderella's Coach
Least favorite: Sunshine Necklace
I am from: Branford, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Number of solids in my collection: 80 EL solids & 2 Corday solids. I also have several EL & YSL powder compacts.