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Hi! Boy I am stumped ~ I'm still new at using this site so forgive me if my post looks weird, not too sure about the coding that seems to be required to get this added to the page..


My most favorite solid: The Firey Fox (must be tired, can't tell if firey is spelled correctly, looks funny at the moment – sigh – time to call it a day)
Least favorite: the golden rope with the blue stone, just does not appeal to me
I am from: Palermo, Maine
Number of solids in my collection: 2, I just bought the Fairy sniffing a flower, she's beautiful! and I also recently won the cherry that looks like a tiny apple on eBay.

Collector for: just started last month, although I do also have 2 of the powder compacts,the lady bug and the frog, I bought those a few years ago at Filene's. They don't seem to carry the really fancy perfume collectibles anywhere in Maine, at least I haven't seen them. Nice to find your site and have a chance to see all the wonderful creations! GREAT topic, lots of fun to read what others like – 😉