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Petals – Thank you for writing about your experience. It is a powerful thing to see firsthand the ordinary people who want to remind the fallen soldiers family and the living soldiers that their sacrifices are recognized.

Unfortunately there is a war going on at this time. I do not personally agree with it, but I definitely honor those who are in the military that are involved. I support our military and their families. These very brave men and women fight ultimately for freedom and justice for all people. The majority of the military men and women are providing the ultimate service for their country and should be highly honored. I do believe this whether I agree with the war or not.

Here, if we have a fallen soldier come home, we line the streets from the airport to the service. There are thousands that do this. I have stood there with my American flag in hand because with all of my heart I want to let the family know that their son or daughter did not die in vain, that I honor the sacrifice and that I support our troops still not home yet. I live in a military based town. Our entire community supports the troops. We help wounded troops with housing needs, therapy and coverage. When a ship comes back to port, thousands line up to cheer them home. There is news coverage of troops who need help. There are letter and care package drives so we let the serving troops know they are not forgotten ever.

I personally cannot wait for the day that I can stand there with my flag to waive at all of the soldiers returning with the days of war behind them. Until then, I pray for wisdom of all our leaders, for peace, for our wounded, for their safe keeping, for their families and for the end of this war.