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Oh-oh Jacky . . . you're about to put me on my soapbox !!

Yep, war is very destructive and only necessary for those who like power for not very good reasons. And mostly, it's all about man's ego.

Money = Power (and force). This is what the world has come to strive for.

But what is the use of Power except to use it against someone?

No-one wants to be forced against their will. So as long as money is involved, there will be war.

If the amount of money put into war and 'defence' was used for other things, there would be balance, strength and purpose in rebuilding this world for the REAL GOOD of all people.

The world has become so off-balance that we have disrupted the whole nature of this earth. For this single individual to be honoured and thanked for his giving his life to 'fighting for the good of Britain', is unfortunately only lip service to the futility of war.

While we might honour one, it is covering up the many, many other individuals who die in the cause of lust for Power, but who we don't know about. They are never honoured for their bravery, courage in the face of what the love of money and power has produced in this world.

I'm not talking about a few hundred or thousand people, I'm talking about millions !
Yeah – while we are safely in our own little havens, millions of peoples lives are lost or taken for the want of Power and Money to use in War.

Who cares about the people who starve to death because their governments want to use the money collected to fight against other nations and then have lavish funerals to honour the men who died serving for their country?

Just remember – for every one person that we know about via media or other means, there are another million that we don't know about . . . it is rather shocking but somehow we prefer to celebrate Might, Strength and Power rather than simple humanity.