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This board is wonderful! And I was thrilled to find some people I knew here as well. I have
bought from Vegas mostly through MarLene and she has always been great. After some very
bad family issues I am happy to be back and “sparkling” with the solids again. My hubby has also
gotten the bug when he bought me the Acorn (he’s from Ohio) and the Prince Charming (I collect frogs) for
an early bday gift when we were at Saks last month. Lisa rocked my world when she found the
Fab Frog compact on Ebay which I missed how with all my searches I don’t know! He has been on
my list forever!!! Maybe I’ll find a MIB someday but he’ll do for now :0)

Lauderlover is just that! She gave me a month of layaway for my new “children” which should
be sent off to Denver end of the week when she can dance to the bank LOL thanks so much and for
Jackie in UK who had the Cherrypie and tea pot which I couldn’t resist thanks so much!!

This is a great list and I am glad to be a part of it. Wish I could get to Florida as that Palm Tree is
incredible! But I’m calling to see if MarLene can find me one eventually. I got the new Fruit too – and
I agreed “Sugared” fruit woud have been a great touch!

Well my list is down to crystal panda, crystal pear, penguins, 98 plum and squirrel so maybe
my bank will have time ot recover LOL

IF I can ever help anyone from Denver let me know!