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Today was the day for the Jay Strongwater signing at Saks in Bal Harbour, FL. I can’t say enough what a nice man he is!! [Big Grin] He signed all five of my Strongwater/Lauder solids and took the time to sign them so neatly, not just a scribble, he also answered all the questions I asked him:

1. What were the production runs on the solids?
2. Did he design the spring cake solid?
3. Was he the Jay in Kenneth Jay Lane? (for Ann & Ken)
4. Is he designing solids for Lauder next year?

I was told by Jay that he thought that Lauder did another production run on the Strongwater solids because they did so well. Originally we heard that only 500 each were to be producted. I think the total # produced for each Strongwater solid is around 800-1200.

This years upcoming fruit cake was not designed by Strongwater and he is not the Jay in Kenneth Jay Lane.
I asked Jay if he was designing the solids for next year and he said “I hope so” me too!!!

I had a great time today meeting Jay Strongwater and thought he was so gracious and the nicest man. Thanks Jay!

p.s. Ron- I got your “hello” from Jay

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