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Hi Lisa
I met Jay last Fri. at Troy. He signs the bottom of the solids in black ink marker. I asked him to sign one boxtop (I had six) but didn’t want to press him for the others since there were so many ladies lined up behind me. One person had 30 items.. I hear he gave a 45 min. speech in Chicago and implicated he wouldn’t be doing any more for Estee,, but who knows.??? A sales rep told me there were only going to be 500 of each of Jays pieces too. I hate saying something on this site, and then it is wrong. I made a list on the places Jay would be at.. but I didn’t have a date nor place for California that someone was asking me for…was it ‘greyhound’? Oh and in your posting of ‘want to see in future’, the bull I mentioned that I would like to see, would be black and charging with a couple of arrows sticking out, like a real touredour. (Thought I’d get all me stuff out in one go.) It was nice meeting Jay. Incidentally, Troy and Chicago are out of the dragonfly. My the frog.
Lorraine [Smile]