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Thanks Margaret for letting the cat out of the bag! I knew when I wrote about the mouse that something was wrong! I must have been thinking about my new computer mouse and I apologise!

Meanwhile Katita, when I wrote ''there are other ways to skin a (cat)'' I was inferring
that the solids coming out of Canada etc., are NOT(?) from the Warehouse but are
coming from another source.

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Hello 2cute4U2, I do agree with you re the older solids! At one time you could never find them for love or money and when they appeared, the price was high!
I remember waiting a long time before I managed to find my Dragon, Jester and
also the Blue Cowboy Hat etc. etc.

I also agree with you re the quality of the newer solids. Some of the new releases, to my way of thinking, are way over-priced and are no match for the older releases!

But, I do think the prices will increase again. There are many new Collectors of Solid Perfumes, and the U.K. market appears to be blossoming.
I love to see the prices going high (even
if it means I have to stop bidding).