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Kasi I understand your price for the carousel, I think hat happens is that someone sells one on Ebay for $1200, and several more come out of the woodwork and start to sell for considerably less. Look at the Imperial Princess. % in the last 6 weeks alone and look how low the last one went, about $850.I really only started collecting solids in earnest about a year ago. I bought them sporatically over the years, but never really got into it til last February. The best buy I think I ever got was buying the Imperial dog when it came out in the 70's for EL's price. Why couldn't it have been a Princess or Panda, and why didn't I save the box? We all live and learn. The first solids I was dying for when I starting collecting were the ivories. I have 2 Chows and when I saw the red Foo dog I had to have it. And I spent $600 for it on Ruby Lane no less. I also spent a bundle on the kissing fish on Ruby Lane, only to have them show up on Ebay a week later for half the price. I'm not bitter, I love them. In the past year I've bought over 125 solids and I don't even want to think about the money. I'm really concentrating these days on the Strongwaters which I think are exquisite, the Harrods, and the older pieces. I think these are the ones that maintain their value. There are alot of other god solid buys out there as well, I love the Cordays, and the St Johns are breathtaking. I think it's so sad St John no longer makes solids I only have one of those and hope to find another someday.